Iphone 5th Generation

iphone 5 generation

The 5th generation iPhone is the most current model of iPhone, and is used and enjoyed by hundreds of millions of users worldwide. The iPhone 5 was recently replaced by the newer iPhone 5s and iPhone 5c, though all are still modern phones that are available new from phone carriers. All three phones run iOS 7, the latest version of Apple's popular mobile operating system.

Many consumers debate the choice between iPhone and Android phones, which are the two most popular smartphone types. Android is a great operating system that is comparable to iOS in features and abilities, though many consumers prefer iOS to Android for its ease of use. Apple's products all integrate very well together, and the iPhone is particularly convenient if you already use iTunes for your iPod or have an iPad or Apple computer. If you run Windows, however, you'll still be able to use iTunes to easily synchronize music, media, and other files form your computer to your phone.

Because there is only one iPhone but hundreds of Android phones, there are many more cases and accessories available for the iPhone than any other handset. It's also easier to find help for using the iPhone, whereas manufacturer customizations on each Android phone make each one different and difficult to adapt to. Plenty of Internet sites have helpful content for using the iPhone, and it's easy to find a person in real life that is familiar with the iPhone.

The iPhone is great for playing music and watching movies, and will especially appeal to those who already use iTunes to manage their media. Another huge advantage of the iPhone 5 series is the larger screen than previous versions. Though the iPhone's screen is a little larger than the iPod touch, the iPhone severely lacks in screen size when compared with most Android phones. While this doesn't deter the iPhone faithful, and some consumers even like the smaller screen, most iPhone users were very happy with the larger screen.

If you've considering a getting an iPhone, then the best first step is to try one out. Chances are you know someone who has one you can use, but if not than you visit a cell phone retailer and try an iPhone.